Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)

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  • Call for proposals in nutrition research. ORIE seeking proposals for its programme in Northern Nigeria.  Deadline 11 August.  Link
  • Participatory review of coverage methodologies. Epicentre leading an independent technical review of coverage methodologies: SQUEAC, SLEAC and S3M. Users can pose methodological questions, comments and suggestions:
    4 July-4 August 2014  Link
  • 6th edition of the Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference.  Ghana Nutrition Association, Ghana Dietetic Association, African Nutrition Society (July 21-25, 2014, Accra, Ghana)  Link
  • South Asia Conference on Policies and Practices to Improve Nutrition Security Secretariat: Save the Children  (30-31 July 2014, New Delhi, India)  Link Flier
  • Technical Meeting on Nutrition  ENN
    (7-9 Oct 2014, Oxford, UK)   Link  
  • III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition (7-12 Nov 2014, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain) Link
  • ICN2 Second International Conference on Nutrition  (19-21 November 2014, Rome, Italy) Link
  • 2nd International Congress Hidden Hunger (3-6 March 2015, Stuttgart, Germany)  Flier






















Latest Items (Acute Malnutrition)

  • Effect of 12-month intervention with lipid-based nutrient supplements on physical activity of 18-month-old Malawian children: a randomised, controlled trial. Eur J of Clinical Nutrition  Link
  • Severe malnutrition: building on the past for a brighter future and other articles. FNB Special Supplement  Link
  • Technical briefing paper: Associations between wasting and stunting, policy, programming and research implications. ENN Link
  • Coverage matters: a collation of content on coverage monitoring of CMAM programmes. CMN ENN Link
  • Key resources for management of acute malnutrition. CMAM Forum Link
    Ressources clés pour la prise en charge de la malnutrition aigüe. Juin 2014. Forum PCMA Link
  • Moderate acute malnutrition: A decision tool for emergencies. Mise à jour juin 2014  GNC  Link
  • Development and acceptability testing of ready-to-use supplementary food made from locally available food ingredients in Bangladesh. BMC Pediatrics  Link
monitoring of CMAM programmes
Severe malnutrition: building on the past for a brighter future and other articles. FNB Special Supplement  LinKey resources for acute malnutrition. CMAM Forum  LinRessources clés pour la prise en charge de la malnutrition aigüe. Juin 2014. Forum PCMA LienModerate acute malnutrition: A decision tool for emergencies. Updated June 2014 GNC  LinkDevelopment and acceptability testing of ready-to-use supplementary food made from locally available food ingredients in Bangladesh. BMC Pediatrics  Link

General (Health & Nutrition)

  • Nutrition in emergencies: Do we know what works? Food Policy Link
  • What are the factors enabling and constraining effective leaders in nutrition? A four country study. IDS Link
  • Countdown to 2015 and beyond: fulfilling the health agenda for women and children.  The Lancet  Link
  • Beyond 1000 Days - new study shows that growth faltering in children continues after two years of age. J of Nutrition  Link
  • Highlighting the evidence gap: how cost-effective are interventions to improve early childhood nutrition and development? Health Policy and Planning  Link
  • Strengthening implementation and utilization of nutrition interventions through research: a framework and research agenda. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences   Link

Documentation of Meetings Held 

  • iCCM, CHWs & malnutrition: inter-agency roundtable. ACF, SCF (12-13 May, London, UK) Final report Link  Summary Link
  • Int symposium on understanding moderate malnutrition in children for effective interventions. IAEA (27-29 May, Vienna, Austria) Presentations and videos (report pending)  Link   
  • Health for all starts in the community, global health practitioner conference. Core Group (4-9 May, Silver Spring US) conference report  Link

Training & Reference Materials

  • Vidéo/podcast : Estimation du nombre d’enfants sévèrement malnutris dans une population (Briend A)  Link
  • Vidéo/podcast :Utilisation du périmètre brachial dans l'identification des enfants atteints de malnutrition aiguë sévère (Briend A). Link  

The CMAM approach includes:

  • Community outreach for community involvement and early detection, referral of cases of acute malnutrition and follow up of problem cases,
  • Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) in outpatient care for children 6-59 months without medical complications,
  • Management of SAM in inpatient care for children 6-59 months with medical complications and children under 6 months with acute malnutrition,
  • Management of Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) for children 6-59 months,
  • The comprehensive CMAM model links with maternal, newborn, and child health and nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, food security and livelihood, and other community outreach initiatives.

CMAM is also referred to as IMAM (Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition) or CTC (Community-based Therapeutic Care)